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18.12.05 17:08, kommentieren

4th advent

I am having a wonderful relaxing very enjoyable brilliant weekend with my boyfriend
We have a little snow (unfortunately a little too less for my opinion) and it's windy. Only 6 nights to go until I know what I get for Christmas (in Germany you get the presents at Christmas Eve like most in Europe)

Hope you have a nice day!

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Finnish accent

and the name was not Finnish!
Can you imagine how confused I was? Singing in Finnish (yu have to experience Finnish Tango by yourself) and writing his own songs but having a annoying Swedish name?
(Note: I were socialized in Finland about that whole thing. That's why I pretend to not like Sweden that much^^)
Well, it was nice in the opera! Unfortunately just too little time for that whole Tango-thing (Finnish one and Argentinian Tango), the dresses weren't that fun as last year and we missed that opera tour again.
But all in all: great Come and visit next December!!!

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It's "Open House" at the opera today!
And as last year I will go there with 2 friends of mine. Though unfortunately I kind of get the impression of getting a cold, I am tired and have a little headache... well, I want to see what they do this year .

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By the way

... did I show you my pics yet?
go to:
and you will find something in Finnish but also nice Pics from Japan! I just feel like sharing them
Unfortunately most of you know them already...

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